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In life, there is no good light guarantee…

I’d like to take a moment to talk about something personal.  Business related, sure.  But yet, something that I feel the need to share with you all so that you might have a little insight into my head, and my heart.  After all, that is what having a “blog” is all about, no?

Over the last year spent creating, nurturing, and growing this business I have been pulled in many directions.  Most of you know that I also have a full time day job, some of you may not.  I also have a wonderfully supportive husband, and am Mommy to two small children who I am sure you have seen pictures of, well, everywhere.  They are Kyleigh (2 and a half) and Stella Ann (16 months).

Most days I am Wife/Mommy…Worker Bee…Wife/Mommy…Photographer.  Other days that order changes.  Some days I am only one, and others the lines all blur.

At a time when a large number of people buying DSLR’s are trying their hand at professional Photography, it can be a daunting task to establish your presence, business plan, and create a product that sets you apart from the rest.  A few months back I became convinced that every image I posted on Facebook, or printed for a family album had to be professional quality.  Had to be perfectly lit, well placed, and run through PS5.  I found myself frustrated that my children wouldn’t pose together, stand still for justonesecond, or keep the pretty dress on.  I went to birthday parties and family events and beat myself up because the pictures just looked like snapshots.  Oh my goodness…NOT SNAPSHOTS!

And then…I stopped caring.  I also stopped stalking other photographers websites, blogs, and forums.  I realized that my work as a professional, was not the same as my work as a Mother.    That in order to get the picture of my girls holding hands in the backseat of my car, I would have to take it with my camera phone.  That I was missing really great life moments with family and friends by spending more time worrying about f-stops than how awesome the birthday cake was.  And that while the picture of my youngest wearing her first pair of jeans had the ISO set way too high, I didn’t mind.

All of a sudden I realized that in life, there is no good light guarantee.  You can always make the most of what you’ve got.  But I had to stop comparing myself to everyone else.  The obligations and stresses in my life are completely different than those I so admire.  When I am on a job as a Photographer, I give it 110%, every time.  My mind is on the camera, lighting, and framing.    At night when the babies are in bed and I am editing, I am focused on the task at hand.  This wasn’t something I started for additional income, this was something I started because it made my heart sing.  I have put in ridiculously late nights, hours pouring over manuals and help screens and tutorials, and drank many, many cups of coffee.  I am still learning every single day.  Someday, I hope it is my sole career.   But for now, my imperfect snapshots, will go up right alongside of my professional portraits.

When I started my 365-A Picture a Day project I had to decide if I was going to post the images on my personal or professional facebook page.  They went on my personal one.  Those pictures are taken by me as a Mommy.  At moments when my girls are doing something that I will want to remember forever, no matter what the atmosphere.  Are they professional?  No.  Are they incredibly meaningful and beautiful to me?  Yes.  I encourage everyone to pull out whatever camera they own and take pictures of their family.  As often as possible.

Of course though, now that Easter is coming up, I will be pulling out the dresses…begging them to pose together…and waiting (patiently) for them to sit still for justonesecond.

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