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Signs of the season…..

While the weather may not be reflecting it, it is supposed to be Springtime here in Upstate NY.  So while the wind is still vicious and the temperatures are still low, we took advantage of a warmer evening and allowed Kyleigh to spend her “piggy” money on the one thing she has been asking for every day since that $5 bill was placed in her hands.  Soft ice cream.  Now my husband loves soft ice cream more than anyone I know.  So much so that when I was pregnant, he used it as an excuse to stop as much as possible (ahem….like every day).  Thanks for the extra pregnancy pounds honey.   But he now has a couple of little girls giving him a very good reason to make excuses again.  Because these two….seem to love it just as much.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are enjoying the start to your Spring, whatever the weather!

L~ F~:

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